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Welcome to the KNH ‘GetInvolved’ tenant engagement platform

First of all - a big thank you for registering your account. If this is your first time here then let us show you around.


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Access content

Access content on the platform by selecting the categories in the main navigation (Areas, Topics, Communities, and TRAs & CVs).

Each category includes an introduction so you know what to expect.


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Follow categories to populate your content feed

There’s a wide range of topics, local interest groups, and community discussions you can follow, just select the ‘follow’ option. When a post is added to a category you are following it will displayed in your feed.

You can also post content to any of your chosen categories.


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Get Involved

Take part in discussions, read the latest updates about your services and have your say in surveys and polls.

You can also communicate with other tenants who share your interests, why not create a new post and see what happens!


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Update your profile and preferences

Why not spend a couple of minutes on your profile? You can add a profile picture and complete your profile questions.

You can also select your preferences on how you wish to receive updates - weekly, daily, or not at all!


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Let’s keep things friendly and safe

If you see any abuse or something that’s not right, use the ‘Report Abuse’ button to let us know.

We promise to protect your information.